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Terra Vista Software utilizes state of the art technology to help companies of all sizes process applications and financial transactions of all types. This can include equipment leases, personal and commercial loans, insurance premiums, payment plans and much more.

We believe in providing solutions...

  • that update and automate manual processeses
  • that turn unappealing UI into pleasing and engaging websites
  • that modernize outdated technology
  • that transform complicated multi-party workflows into simple and intuitive user experiences
  • that take lengthy projects and get them done quickly

Products & Services

Custom UI/UX

We are experts at translating complex multi-prong processes into simple, intuitive, and effective workflows. This includes robust back-end platforms that are completely responsive and optimized for all screen sizes.

Real-time Credit Analysis

Whether you are looking for reports from established credit bureaus or customized routing rules, our established tools allow for quick and accurate assessments of personal and commercial applications to maximize conversions.

Dynamic Pricing Engines

Over the years we have created dynamic pricing engines to handle all kinds of complex calculations with ease. This includes solutions for difficult equipment lease pricing, insurance premiums, commercial and personal financing, tiered rate sheets, and more.

Automated Workflows

Terra Vista Software excels at automating workflows that are often outdated and inefficient. This could range from streamlining the approval process between multiple parties to automating document creation and storage.

Waterfall Transaction Routing

We work with a large network of trusted lenders and other financial partners. This ensures the flexibility needed to handle variation in customers, credit types, and equipment.

Payment Collection and Servicing

We have the tools and experience needed to handle both the application process and the post-application process. This includes ongoing servicing and payment collection where needed.

Secure Data Storage

We take data security seriously. Accordingly, Terra Vista Software is completely PCI and HIPPA compliant with commercially secure data storage environments that are audited regularly.

Automated Communication

All of our platforms include automated customer communication. Whether in the form of system generated emails, automated text messages, or platform messaging, we ensure that communication is clear and timely.

Third Party API Integrations

We have integrations with various third party services that allow our platforms to function at the highest levels. This includes solutions for credit scoring (FICO, OFAC, Secretary of State), e-signatures collection, document storage, payment processing, CRM data sharing and more.

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